13 Remote Jobs You Can Do at Night

In today’s world, the opportunity to work remotely and at non-traditional hours is growing. Whether you’re a night owl looking for a side hustle or someone seeking a full-time job that you can do after daylight hours, there are plenty of options. Below, we explore 13 remote jobs that you can do at night, many of which are entry-level, requiring no college degree or previous experience. Plus, many of these positions are not only flexible but also well-paying.

Donor Support Center Coordinator

As a Donor Support Center Coordinator, you’ll manage support services for organ donors, a critical and rewarding role. This job often includes nighttime shifts and offers a salary of around $42,000 a year. Training is typically provided, making it accessible for those without prior experience.

Average Earnings: $42,000/year
Apply Here: Organ Donor Support Roles

Bilingual Customer Support Representative

If you’re fluent in more than one language, a position as a Bilingual Customer Support Representative could be perfect. These roles often involve helping customers with queries about products or services, with a focus on those who can communicate in multiple languages. This position can pay around $48,000 a year.

Average Earnings: $48,000/year
Apply Here: Bilingual Customer Support Jobs

Data Analyst

Data Analysts are responsible for collecting, organizing, and interpreting large datasets. While some argue a degree is necessary, many enter the field with a strong portfolio instead. The role can pay up to $80,000 a year, with potential for higher earnings in more senior positions.

Average Earnings: $80,000/year
Apply Here: Data Analyst Positions

SQL Support Analyst

Specializing in SQL databases, SQL Support Analysts offer technical support and troubleshooting. This job pays about $79,000 a year. Though not always requiring a degree, having a strong portfolio is essential.

Average Earnings: $79,000/year
Apply Here: SQL Support Analyst Jobs

Technical Support Specialist

A step above basic customer service, Technical Support Specialists deal with software or hardware issues. The role pays about $55,000 a year and is entry-level friendly, requiring knowledge over formal qualifications.

Average Earnings: $55,000/year
Apply Here: Technical Support Specialist Opportunities

DevOps Engineer

Combining software development with IT operations, DevOps Engineers play a crucial role in getting products to market quickly. With salaries averaging $123,000 a year, it’s a highly lucrative role, often requiring some experience or a degree.

Average Earnings: $123,000/year
Apply Here: DevOps Engineer Positions

Data Entry Specialist

While data entry is one of the more accessible remote jobs, it’s also one of the least lucrative, paying around $40,000 a year. The work is straightforward but can be monotonous.

Average Earnings: $40,000/year
Apply Here: Data Entry Jobs

IT Service Desk Lead

An IT Service Desk Lead supervises other IT support professionals. This position pays about $78,000 a year and is a natural progression from roles like IT help desk support.

Average Earnings: $78,000/year
Apply Here: IT Service Desk Lead Careers

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing can be highly variable in terms of income and job satisfaction, depending on the niche. Specializing in areas like YouTube scriptwriting can be particularly lucrative. Writers can make an average of $51,000 a year.

Average Earnings: $51,000/year
Apply Here: Freelance Writing Gigs

English Teacher

Teaching English online, especially to students in different time zones, is a popular night job. The average salary is about $50,000 a year.

Average Earnings: $50,000/year
Apply Here: Teach English Online

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Transcriptionists transcribe doctor’s dictations into medical records, a job that pays about $62,000 a year. Entry-level positions are available, with training usually provided by the employer.

Average Earnings: $62,000/year
Apply Here: Medical Transcriptionist Jobs


Translators convert content from one language to another, making about $55,000 a year. While many translators have degrees, your portfolio can often speak for itself.

Average Earnings: $55,000

Apply Here: Translator Positions

Accounting Manager

Overseeing a company’s financial operations, Accounting Managers earn about $94,000 a year. This high-paying position typically requires a degree in accounting or a related field.

Average Earnings: $94,000/year
Apply Here: Accounting Manager Careers

Each of these jobs offers the flexibility to work at night, allowing for a work schedule that fits around your life. Whether you’re looking for entry-level opportunities or higher-paying roles that require some experience, the digital age has made it possible to find a job that suits your needs and lifestyle.

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